Photo credit: Catherine Anstett

Photo credit: Catherine Anstett

Our members believe in the importance of community education: from student field trips and tours of salmon-bearing creeks, to day-long excursions on a 133-foot sailboat. Each one of us -- citizen, business-owner, lawmaker, or volunteer -- has a role in protecting Puget Sound. But first we must understand how positive, easy, and crucial our individual actions can be.

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Member organizations are using all available tools. With missions that include monitoring county land-use, protecting Puget Sound and underserved populations from harmful pollutants, and effectively communicating current science, ECO Net members approach the issue from many angles, be it legal, legislative, or policy.  

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In order to protect Puget Sound, a community needs resources. ECO Net members regularly offer trainings that provide tools and tricks that have a direct, positive impact on the health of Puget Sound. Look for a natural yard care, rain garden, or auto leak detection workshop near you. 

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